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Molecule of the Month articles (3)

February 2006

Amylases digest starch to produce glucose


June 2011

Bacteria adhere to our teeth by building sticky sugar chains


May 2004

Serpins are traps that capture dangerous proteases

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Alpha-Catenin Connections

Structures of alpha-catenin and vinculin are revealing a highly dynamic interaction in adherens junctions.

Alpha/Beta Barrels

How are these six proteins similar? They all perform very different functions: they represent five different classes of enzymes, and one is a non-enzymatic protein.

Power in Numbers

PSI researchers have determined the structure of a transcriptional regulator involved in quorum sensing in an important pathogenic bacterium.

PDZ Domains

PDZ domains are specialists in protein recognition, but PSI Biology researchers are revealing their abilities to bind to membranes as well.

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Diabetes Mellitus - Pharmacological

A number of pharmacological options are available to treat diabetes.

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus - Insulin Receptor

This is a membrane receptor that binds insulin and triggers a signaling cascade inside the cell, leading to glucose uptake and various other metabolic and growth-related functions.

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus - Rosiglitazone

An agonist for PPAR-g receptor used for treating diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus