2021 Video Challenge for High School Students

Molecular Mechanisms
of Drugs for Mental Disorders

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The RCSB PDB thanks all participants and their advisors for their video submissions. Vote for your favorite video from May 3 until May 10. All award winners will be announced on PDB-101 and rcsb.org on May 18, 2021.

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Choose one video from the list below
Video 1
Visualizing GABA in action at the molecular level: through synaptic animations
Video 2
The Missing Case of Mr.Potato Head
Video 3
The Late Night Study Session: Derek's Depression Dream
Video 4
Targeting Anxiety (And Its Receptors)
Video 5
SSRIs: Sustaining Smiles
Video 6
SSRIs: From Depression to Happiness
Video 7
Schizophrenia and Risperidone
Video 8
Method in Madness: A Guide to Schizophrenia
Video 9
Jimmy and His Grandpa's Case of Alzheimer's
Video 10
Inhibiting Acetylcholine Destruction to Combat Alzheimer's Disease
Video 11
Fighting Panda Pete's Depression
Video 12
Fighting Alzheimer's: A New Hope
Video 13
Bob Goes To The Doctor: Schizophrenia At A Molecular Level
Video 14
Alzheimer's in Synapticity
Video 15
Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors- Heroes in the fight against Alzheimer’s
Video 16
Anxiety Disorder
Video 17
Anxiety & Neurotransmitters
Video 18
Andy's Anxiety: GABA's Role in Panic Disorder
Video 19
An Alzheimers Anecdote
Video 20
Alzheimer's: The Race Against Time
Video 21
Anxiety: Dealing with the Problem
Video 22
Treating Schizophrenia
Video 23
A Glimpse Into Judith's Alzheimer's Disease: Cholinergic Neuron Investigation
Video 24
Preserving a Memory - A Story About Alzheimer's
Video 25
Stopping the Acetylcholinesterase Apocalypse
Video 26
The Power of Antidepressants
Video 27
Alex and Benzo the Benzodiazepine
Video 28
Alzheimer's Awareness
Video 29
Cell Communications Altered by Antidepressants
Video 30
Depression: How It Works, Symptoms, and Treatments
Video 31
How 1EVE Can Help the Elderly
Video 32
Anxiety with Alex
Video 33
Treating Schizophrenia
Video 34
Understanding Anxiety Disorders With Will
Video 35
Understanding Johnny: The Biological Roots of Schizophrenia
Video 36
Sally and the Super SSRIs
Video 37
My Sibling has Schizophrenia
Video 38
Fighting the Unknown
Video 39
Archie the Acetylcholine
Video 40
Ash's Voices
Video 41
A Glimpse Inside Anxiety
Video 42
Acetylcholine Rap
Video 43
Alzheimer: The Message Killer
Video 44
Alzheimer's Disease
Video 45
Endorphins and the SERT Transporter
Video 46
Jordan's Battle With Depression
Video 47
Medical Adventures with John: Schizophrenia Medication and the Brain
Video 48
PDB 2021 Shaurya Agarwal
Video 49
PDB Project: Treating Depression
Video 50
Sarah's Anxiety: The Science Behind the Treatment (2021 PDB Video Challenge)
Video 51
The Greatest Time Travel of all Time
Video 52
The Science Behind Anxiety - Stresella and Medicawoman
Video 53
Timmy's Journey Through Schizophrenia
Video 54
Treating Depression: The Science Behind Happiness
Video 55
Treating the Schizo-Symptom Monster
Video 56
Ziprasidone: Zapping out Schizophrenia
Video 57
Schizophrenia Diagnosis, Symptoms, and Treatments
Video 58
Schizophrenia PDB Challenge
Video 59
Schizophrenia: Diagnosis, Symptoms, & Treatment
Video 60
A Different Mind with Schizophrenia
Video 61
Alzheimer's: Causes, Effects, & Treatment
Video 62
Behind the Walls of Depression
Video 63
Curing Alzheimer's: A PDB project
Video 64
Danny's Story: Dopamine to the Rescue
Video 65
Depression Meds (Panav and Shiv)
Video 66
Targeting Acetylcholinesterase in Treating Alzheimer's Disease
Video 67
The Effect of Antidepressants on Serotonin Receptors
Video 68
Depression During Covid-19
Video 69
Diving Into Depression
Video 70
How Benzodiazepines Help Relieve Anxiety
Video 71
Inside the mind of schizophrenia
Video 72
Risperidone and Schizophrenia
Video 73
Sarah's Journey With Schizophrenia
Video 74
Sertraline: an SSRI Drug
Video 75
Molecular Mechanisms of Drugs for Mental Disorders
Video 76
Schizophrenia and Social Stigmas
Video 77
NoreneWilliams Treating Schizophrenia: COVID Crisis Spikes the Need for Mental Health Treatments
Video 78
Alzheimer's Disease: Between the Synapses
Video 79
Alzheimers Disease
Video 80
Alzheimers: a disease to remember
Video 81
Video 82
Benzodiazepines Vs Anxiety
Video 83
Dave’s Dopamine Disruption: An Exploration Into Schizophrenia
Video 84
Galantamine For Grandma: Targeting Alzheimer's With Cholinesterase Inhibitors
Video 85
Depression, Serotonin, and Drugs: How science continues to give us hope
Video 86
Alzheimer's News Story
Video 87
“The Mechanism of Action of Medications to Treat Schizophrenia: COVID Crisis Spikes the Need for Mental Health Treatments"
Video 88
Fighting Depression: One Step at a Time
Video 89
Living with Alzheimer's during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Video 90
The Mechanism of Action of Paxil and other SSRIs to treat Depression during COVID
Video 91
Bio video