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About PDB-101

PDB-101 is an online portal for exploring the world of proteins and nucleic acids. The diverse shapes and functions of biological macromolecules help explain all aspects of biomedicine and agriculture, from protein synthesis to health and disease to biological energy.

Our mission is to build and support the broad PDB user community with a wide range of resources for understanding 3D biostructures.

  • Training materials, such as the Guide to Understanding PDB Data and webinars, are available to help graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and researchers use PDB data and RCSB PDB tools.
  • Outreach content, including the Molecule of the Month series and molecular animations, demonstrate how PDB data can be used to understand fundamental biology, biomedicine, bioengineering/biotechnology, and energy sciences in 3D by a diverse and multidisciplinary user community.
  • Education Materials, such as Curriculum Modules, provide lessons and activities for teaching and learning.

Why PDB-101? Researchers around the world are studying molecules at the atomic level. These 3D structures are freely available at the Protein Data Bank (PDB), the central storehouse of biomolecular structures. This website builds introductory materials to help users get started using PDB data and RCSB PDB tools for learning ("101", as in an entry-level course).

Since 2011, PDB-101 has been developed by RCSB PDB, a global resource for the advancement of research and education in biology and medicine. Along with our Worldwide PDB collaborators, RCSB PDB curates, annotates, and makes publicly available the PDB data deposited by scientists around the globe. The RCSB PDB then provides a window to these data through a rich online resource with powerful searching, reporting, and visualization tools for researchers at This information is then streamlined into Training, Outreach, and Education resources and materials at PDB-101.

RCSB PDB Core Operations are funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation (DBI-2321666), the US Department of Energy (DE-SC0019749), and the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under grant R01GM133198.

RCSB PDB receives guidance from an Advisory Committee and the Training, Outreach, and Education Working Group.

sgci-new-logo.png The Science Gateways Community Institute supported a PDB-101 intern and provided consultation services.

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Cite PDB-101:
PDB-101: Educational resources supporting molecular explorations through biology and medicine. Christine Zardecki, Shuchismita Dutta, David S. Goodsell, Robert Lowe, Maria Voigt, Stephen K. Burley. (2022) Protein Science 31: 129-140 doi:10.1002/pro.4200

Awards and Recognitions


Journal Cover Art contest for AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses

Winner: HIV-Infected Cell, 2022. Illustration by David S. Goodsell, B-HIVE Center, RCSB Protein Data Bank and Scripps Research. doi: 10.2210/rcsb_pdb/goodsell-gallery-047.


Finalist, EdTech Awards

Shuchismita Dutta

Shuchismita Dutta named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Molecule of the Month creator David S. Goodsell was honored with

  • The Carl Brändén Award from The Protein Society, which recognizes an outstanding protein scientist who has also made exceptional contributions in the areas of education and/or service.
  • The I. Fankuchen Award from the American Crystallographic Association, which recognizes contributions to crystallographic research by one who is known to be an effective teacher of crystallography.


Wiki Science Competition 2021: Wikipedia

Finalist: United States and International
Respiratory Droplet by David S. Goodsell

Wiki Science Competition 2021: Wikipedia

Finalist: United States and International
Molecular view of glutamatergic synapse by Maria Voigt

2021 FASEB BioArt Award

Winner (Other Life Science Images Category):
Respiratory Droplet by David S. Goodsell and Christine Zardecki


2020 American Public Health Association Film Festival

Official selection:
Fighting Coronavirus with Soap by Maria Voigt


Wiki Science Competition 2019: Wikipedia

National finalist and International Runner-Up in Non-photographic media category:
RNA Polymerase by Maria Voigt

BioArt Awards: FASEB

Cross-Section of the Measles Virus by David S. Goodsell


BioArt Awards: FASEB

Video of Calcium Pump in Action by Maria Voigt


Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 37: 30.

"Best of the Web".

Vizzies Awards: National Science Foundation (NSF) and Popular Science

Zika Virus by David Goodsell
People’s Choice Award in the category of illustration


BioArt Awards: FASEB

HIV Enzymes, Maria Voigt and David Goodsell

Wellcome Image Awards: Wellcome Trust

Ebola Virus proteins by David Goodsell
Overall winner.

Wellcome Image Awards: Wellcome Trust

Clathrin by Maria Voigt


BioArt Awards: FASEB

Ebola Virus proteins by David Goodsell