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Video Challenge for High School Students

An annual competition held 2014-2023

For 10 years, PDB-101 has hosted a Video Challenge that demonstrated how high school students are excellent science communicators. Teams from across the United States created videos that using tremendous creativity and many storytelling approaches to communicate how PDB structures help our understanding of HIV, Diabetes, Anti-microbial Resistance, Opioids, and Cancer.

Since the inaugural event in 2014, 376 videos have been created by more than one thousand high school students.

The videos were reviewed by expert judges. Click on the Judges link below to see the criteria for each year. A winner and two runner-ups were selected each year. In addition, the general public voted for the Viewer's Choice Award.

Many thanks to the expert judges, students, teachers, parents, and voters who made this exciting competition happen for so many years.

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