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Diabetes is a growing global health concern. cdc


Over the past three decades the number of people living with Diabetes Mellitus globally has more than doubled. Amongst the different types of diabetes, Type 2 is the most common form, and accounts for 90% to 95% of cases. This number is projected to rise to 439 million by 2030  (Chen, Magliano, & Zimmet, 2011).

In the United States, diabetes mellitus is becoming more and more prevalent. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that from 1980 through 2014 (Figure 1) , the number of Americans with diagnosed diabetes has increased from 5.5 million to 22.0 million, a fourfold increase. Additional statistics and information can be found at CDC Data and Statistics.

Figure 1. Number (in Millions) of Civilian, Non-Institutionalized Persons with Diagnosed Diabetes, United States, 1980-2014 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).


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April 2017, Jennifer Jiang; Reviewed by Drs. Stephen Schneider and Stephen K. Burley