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3D Print: Ferritin

Download curated files for 3D printing.

3D Model Information

Ferritin 3D model view
PDB structure used to generate the model file: 1hrs

Model generated with: MolecularMaya/Maya

Model physical size (in mm): 125.5 x 125.5 x 125.5

Additional: This model allows for printing ferritin as a sphere. It doesn't allow for accessing the inside of the hollow shell.

Download 3D Print File (.stl)

Ferritin 3D model view
Additional Models

Model generated with: Molecular Maya/Autodesk Maya

Model physical size (in mm): 125.5 x 125.5 x 62.7

Additional: Print the model 2 times then assemble the sphere. This model allows for exploration of the inside of the ferritin shell.

Download 3D Print File (.stl)

Sample print

Ferritin with Supports
Ferritin Model Size

Printed on: Ultimaker S3

Model material: PLA

Support material: PVA (water soluble)

Output scale: 75%

3D Print and Structural Features of Ferritin

Ferritin model

Image 1

Ferritin model

Image 2

Ferritin model

Image 3

Ferritin is a spherical protein made up of 24 identical chains. The chains form two different types of channels: 3-fold channels, used for iron transport (Image 1) and 4-fold channels used for transport of other atoms (Image 2).

On the inside, ferritin forms a hollow shell that stores iron for future use. Small beads can be used to model the iron ions stored inside the shell (Image 3).

Double-sided tape was used to connect the half-spheres together. Alternatively, small magnets could be inserted after drilling holes in the model.