Measles Virus Proteins
Excitatory and Inhibitory Synapses
Zika Virus
Insulin Action
Ebola Virus
Mycoplasma mycoides
Biosites: Basement Membrane
Biosites: Red Blood Cell
Biosites: Blood Plasma
Biosites: Cytoplasm
Biosites: Muscle
Biosites: Nucleus
HIV in Blood Plasma
Escherichia coli

Molecular Landscapes by David S. Goodsell

Autophagy, 2011

The formation of an autophagosome is shown, with Golgi at top left, a mitochondrion at top right, and the autophagosome at bottom center. This illustration was created in collaboration with Daniel Klionsky at the University of Michigan as a cover for the journal Cell.

For more information, see the Molecule of the Month feature on Aminopeptidase 1 and Autophagy.

Acknowledgement: Illustration by David S. Goodsell and Daniel Klionsky