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April 2000

Sturdy fibers of collagen give structure to our bodies

Proteins and Biominerals

April 2019

Small biomineral crystals are used to build bone, eggshells and even tiny compasses.

Vitamin D Receptor

November 2012

Vitamin D helps regulate the use of calcium throughout the body


February 2011

Integrins forge flexible linkages between the infrastructure inside and outside of cells

Global Health articles (1)
Diabetes Mellitus - Complications

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to many acute and chronic complications

Diabetes Mellitus

Geis Archive articles (1)

Geis paints a triple twist pattern in his depiction of collagen. He portrays the chains in a thick, rope-like manner, which reflects the function of the collagen protein in strengthening tendons and muscles in animals.

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Biosites: Basement Membrane


Biosites: Basement Membrane (2005) by David S. Goodsell.