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October 2003

An activated serine amino acid in trypsin cleaves protein chains


May 2004

Serpins are traps that capture dangerous proteases

Rhomboid Protease GlpG

August 2011

Some proteases cut proteins embedded in cell membranes

PDB Pioneers

October 2011

A dozen historic structures set the foundation for the PDB archive

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Geis illustrates the structure of bovine trypsin, an enzyme that breaks down proteins, which was first revealed by X-ray crystallography in 1971 and further explored in 1974 (Krieger et al., 1974). This illustration was originally published in Scientific American (Stroud, 1984). Trypsin is a protease, an enzyme that catalyzes cleavage of polypeptide chains (Stroud, 1984). Geis' sketch depicts the structure with a ball-and-stick model and displays the sidechains of aspartic acid (Asp102), histidine (His57), and serine (Ser195), known as the catalytic triad.