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Visualize Biomolecular Structures with Mol*: From Atoms to Movies

Webinar hosted by RCSB PDB/Rutgers Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine | February 13, 2024

Mol* (MolStar) is a web application available on designed for visualizing biomolecular structures in 3D.

After watching the video featured in this course, you will be able to:

  • Visualize 3D structural data from experimentally determined structures deposited to Protein Data Bank and computed structure models from sources such as AlphaFold
  • Select all or parts of the 3D structure to display it in different representations, colors, and more, to analyze interactions, and to measure distances and angles within and between proteins, nucleic acids, and other molecules
  • Map information to available structures such as functional features or mutations
  • Superimpose structures of the same protein in different conformations or similar proteins to compare features
  • Export publication quality images and animations for videos

Additional materials for this course are available:

Click on the image below to play the video.

Visualize Biomolecular Structures with Mol*: From Atoms to Movies

Shuchismita Dutta

Scientific Training, Education, and Documentation Lead, RCSB Protein Data Bank, Rutgers University