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2023 Video Challenge for High School Students

Molecular Mechanisms of
Targeted Cancer Therapies


2023 Video Challenge Awards

For the tenth year, RCSB PDB invited high school students to create videos telling molecular stories. The 2023 challenge focused on the Molecular Mechanisms of Targeted Cancer Therapies.

The 2023 challenge entries demonstrate many creative storytelling approaches and techniques in communicating science.

The videos were scored based on Quality of Storytelling (20%), Quality of Science Communication (30%), Quality of Public Health Message (10%), Originality and Creativity (20%), Quality of Production (10%), and Proper Accreditation (10%), and our panel of expert judges selected the three winners of the Judges' Award. In addition, the general public voted for the Viewer's Choice Award.

Many thanks to the judges, students, teachers, parents, and voters who made this exciting competition happen!

Note: Videos are intended for communication and not rigorous scientific review.

Congratulations to the 2023 Winners:

This marks the 10th and final Video Challenge hosted by PDB-101. Since the inaugural event in 2014, 376 videos have been created by more than one thousand high school students to highlight the structural stories of HIV, Diabetes, Anti-microbial Resistance, Opioids, and Cancer. We thank the teachers and students for their support over the years.