Crossword Puzzle:

Sequence Events

by Charles Deber

In this puzzle, the bolded clues represent PDB IDs (click on link or search at and Molecule of the Month articles (MotM; click on link or use MotM index at


1Tempted by a trap
6Add alcohol to, as punch
11Take needle and thread
14Letters before an alias
17Dutch island
19111, to Caesar
20Live performance
212rh1 (MotM April ’08) and 1su4 (MotM April ’04)
24Suffix with hex- or oct-
25Certain hound
26Perfect score, sometimes
27Aware of
28Word before Juan or Diego
29Become overripe
31Bring charges against
32Rt.-hand person
33Expressions of surprise
37Rainbow shape
381igt and 1hzh (MotM September ’01)
41He’s often down in the mouth
43Certain elevator company
44Barely manage
45City planners do it
46Walked upon
47Precipitation gear
51Units of 12 mos.
521aon (MotM August ’02)
54One less than even
55Notre ___, Indiana school
57One of the Three Stooges
59Male sibs
60Travel option: Abbr.
612bg9 (MotM November '05) and 3loh (MotM February ’15)
65Limb with a hand
66Actress Alba
69Old vacuum tube type
72Duke sports grp
73Years, in the Yucatan
74Popular Italian wine
751bl8 (MotM February ’03)
79Leave a mark
80Loch with a monster, maybe
81Star ___
82Electric sea creature
85"Patience ___ virtue"
86Edison’s middle name
88Abel, to Adam
94Take a chair
98Boston dir. from N.Y.
99A Kennedy
100Appearing more anemic
101Guadalajara girlfriend
102Ontario’s Cap.
103Savings plan, for short
104Having knowledge
105More affable
1Little ewe
2Nitrogen compound
3Specialty liquors from Jamaica
4Decreases slowly
5Has the courage
6Penn. in N.Y.C.
7Word before license or justice
8Urge to act
9"Showboat" composer Jerome
10"___ Beso": Paul Anka tune
11First part of a play, in Shakespeare’s day
12Way out
13Overindulger into the grapes
14Tennis star Andre
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151opl (MotM July ’03)
16Ballplayers’ representatives
221e79 (MotM December '05)
23Speaks highly of
30Scrap of food
32Mideast’s Gulf of ___, near Yemen
33Eastern bloc state, after W.W. II
34Big Foot’s shoe size, maybe
355rsa (MotM September ’08) and 5pep (MotM December ’00)
36Keep for future use
38At the peak
39He was played by Pitt in "Moneyball"
40Merle Haggard’s "___ from Muskogee"
42Those with connections
43"....good witch ___ bad witch?": Glinda’s "Oz" question
46Prayer pronoun
47Moves the oars
484ins (MotM February ’01)
49"Much ___ about Nothing"
50QBs’ objectives
52___ Cola
55N.B.A.’s Erving, to fans
56Had a meal
57Pilgrimage destination
59"Life of ___": Monty Python film
61Well-off financially
62Expert group
63Handyman’s necessity
64Certain switch settings
65Ben Canaan, of "Exodus"
67Dismiss unceremoniously, as an employee
69Rocket engine force
70Initial affliction for 13 Down, maybe
71Frozen wasser
73Lend ___ (listen)
74___ Tech, Pasadena
75"Say ___ so!"
76Viola’s love, in "Twelfth Night"
77More kempt
78Reno’s state
83"And there you have it!", to a Parisian
84Director Coen
86___ Spumante
87Uninviting look
88"Pygmalion" playwright
90Two notes that follow "do"
91Huge in scope
92Move forward slowly
93Ski lift feature
96Tax expert, briefly
97Test for an M.A. applicant
Charles Deber is a Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto, and Senior Scientist in the Research Institute at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. When not researching proteins, his hobbies include constructing crossword puzzles, many of which have been published in the New York Times and other newspapers. The author thanks RCSB PDB’s Stephen Burley and David Goodsell for inspiration and input for this puzzle.